my experience of telus actiontec v1000h


in the furtherance of

did you know these modems are running both tr64 and tr69 remote management clients?

as in did telus tell you they were doing this?

and if so, where do they allow me to turn it off, or why not?

how hard IS it to take control of one’s own modem, on this network?

and how inappropriately is telus behaving, in these matters, if at all?

on my modem dhcp static ip assignments are not functional, from either admin or tech login – hitting this link logs me clean out of the gui, everytime.  the problem might be caused by the fact that this particular html file lacks execute permission in the webs directory, along with a few others, which also, significantly, cause a total reset to login.

workaround – make direct calls to the cgi




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