a letter in reply to my MLA


(perhaps i should point out that i am using this open workspace in an attempt to create some form of ‘living’ document, in the hope that this will somehow evolve into an agreement between myself and my government – all representatives of which, to date, appear to strenuously deny having any control over, or interest in, the matters of issue to me. therefore this is, in programmer speak, essentially a Request For Comments, and as i have very little understanding of the way the government machine works, or potentially does not work, as yet, i would very much welcome any helpful advice i can get.)

dear nicholas simons,

thank you for a timely response, and for offering me yet another opportunity to document my concerns.

none of the local organisations to which your office referred me – scrd, dos – has seen fit to reply.

in the case of the scrd, i am advised by the administrator that (a) she does not wish to hear from me and (b) that she is the person through whom i must go, to approach the scrd, resulting in what to me as a programmer looks like (c) a bug in the system. she has, to date, refused to place any of my questions before the board.

in the case of the dos, i was advised by the mayor’s secretary that my letter to the mayor and council had been accepted and would be included in the agenda. this was in the spring, and to date i have been unable to confirm what, if anything, has happened since.

being that neither scrd nor dos appear willing to speak to me, and the mayor himself apparently refuses to even make eye contact, when out in public, am i mistaken to believe that the sum total of resources you are able to offer is that i write to “the hon ida chong” for advice?

am i mistaken to believe that this person lives WELL offcoast, is most likely FAR busier than your inordinately busy self, and is VERY unlikely to have the time to speak to me – let alone represent me – personally?

you say that you only represent me in matters like housing, transport, safety, etc

housing – is not an issue, i own my own shelter. the issue is where to put it, be it the bus i currently live in, or the boat i was forced to abandon because it did not count as shelter, or the nomadic campsite that my human ancestry, and this land, requires for my health, and for the health of this land.

where on this wide, largely unoccupied, and once famously fertile sunshine coast am i permitted to go?

transportation – i am PEDESTRIAN. it is important to notice that pedestrian and transport are, in reality, opposite terms. a pedestrian becomes a case for transport when s/he/it is unwilling or unable to make the journey unaided. on the sunshine coast, a pedestrian is unable to make almost all journeys unaided, or at very least unafraid, simply because no authority to date has seen fit to leave, or provide room for, any safe corridors. as in any, at all.

i also require the ability to raise my own livestock. public transport is one of the most significant vectors of viral infection, besides being one of the leading accelerants to the evolution of anti-biotic drug resistance. people working with livestock are another, and it would be madness to mix the two.

the scrd to date states clearly that the public bus is their ONLY solution to their otherwise total inability to support pedestrian traffic. the fact that pedestrian was the ONLY form of traffic, besides boats, for MOST of human history, does not seem to enter into it. they have no plan for livestock AT ALL.

my local government states clearly that it has no resources to support pedestrian traffic on the sunshine coast, and insists that it has no choice but to spend ALL resources on simply maintaining right of way for vehicles ONLY.

is this truly all that my government, in total, is mandated to provide?

food – all i require is enough space in order to collect enough sunlight and enough water to be able to grow and raise food and other resources for an open local market or other arrangement of my own choosing.

an allotment would be a good start, within my limits as a pedestrian, to begin with, but for the purpose of raising animals i must have the right to live with my stock, and the right to a space into which to move on again, in order not to outlive the benefit that natural human habitation is automatically able to provide, in return.

please do not miss my point

i can be of benefit to the earth, as well as carbon negative in my lifestyle, provided my government will please give up this insane notion that i need IT to feed ME.

all i need is enough space, and a healthy local economy – which unfortunately is precluded by a healthy local (as in pedestrian) traffic system. i say unfortunately because this is exactly what the sunshine coast does not have.

safety – routing ALL pedestrian traffic 1.5 meters either side of the ONLY highway in town is not safe, by any sane measure, and yet local government claim this is quite literally ALL they can afford to provide, period, end of discussion.

health – you didn’t mention health – pedestrian traffic relies on lungs and oxygen to burn the fuel stored in the system. the exhaust from the fuel in the traffic that my government has deliberately routed very much less than seventy five centimeters off my right elbow is many times more detrimental to my delicate living system than almost any amount of second hand tobacco smoke – an issue my government, in general, appears to consider quite irrelevant.

safety – people get angry about boundaries, and the boundary between crown and private on the coast is a very difficult line to resolve, in reality. in particular it is essential that a person on foot be able to tell, in advance, where legal boundaries intersect with natural ones.

almost all footpaths on the sunshine coast, at least within my range, lead directly into exactly such traps. an exhausted pedestrian, like a bee out of honey, is often no match for these which, unlike natural boundaries, are very often very difficult to predict from the landscape.

the dos and the scrd claim to own the public data required to solve the problem, and will not part with it.

this is PUBLIC data, are you certain this is NOT your jurisdiction?

as you may note, my problems are not housing, transportation or food – but fair use of commons (over which the scrd and dos deny all responsibility) and the basic and entirely natural (and therefore utterly undeniable) pedestrian right of way.

which is also the utterly undeniable right of the pedestrian not to have to risk life and limb on the shoulder of a highway full of metal beetle people, a significant number of whom, at any given time, probably should NOT be in control of a lethal weapon at speed.

which is also the utterly undeniable right of the pedestrian not to have to be transported like an animal in a manner arguably no different from the petroleum driven industrial food chain that is making you all so incredibly virulently ill.

no thank you, i am a human being, being human as best as i know how, and my government, to date, claims to be utterly powerless to assist, and in fact appears to be demanding i submit to the insane treatment i have outlined above, or be made criminal.

i have now, by all means, re-iterated a number of salient concerns. what i need to re-iterate most is that i do not need assistance (which would be nice) or support (ditto) – all i really need is accurate information about how the legislation actually works, in the real world.

i need you to provide me with an honest chance to sit down properly and pick your brains.

i also need to understand WHY nobody else will discuss these issues officially – and why ALL seem to consider me some sort of crank or threat – whereas i believe i am only requesting the same sort of respect that my government expects (and sometimes mandates) that other countries will provide their own citizens, simply as a condition of trade.

i was born and raised in a land that canadian politicians, amongst many others, once loved to heap slander upon, in comparison to the ways in which our respective ‘native’ populations were ‘permitted’ to live. naturalised here, at an early age, it has taken me thirty years to acclimatise myself to the bc coastline, and now that i am ready, i discover to my unfathomable horror that this government – unlike most others – appears hell bent on extinguishing all rights to anything even approaching a natural lifestyle here, irrespective a person’s ancestry – even as my natal land is rediscovering, all over again, just how ESSENTIAL those very same rights are, to the health of both the land and it’s people.

sechelt, last i saw, puts up pictures of mme bergliot on it’s council house walls, but i wonder if she has not, in real point of fact, simply been nailed there, like a trophy pelt on a wall, only because she was the last example of her kind – legally wild – on the sunshine coast?

please would you kindly re-iterate ALL the advice your office can supply


confirm that in fact the hon ida chong (somewhere out there) is my only resource.

sincerely, in search of respect,

james knight, pedestrian, wilson creek.


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