still trying to talk to my MLA


dear nicholas simons

there is a difference between a communication, which i would be happy to receive from a minister of my government (being they are at the top of the heap, representing millions) and a conversation, which i believe i have every right to expect of my local representative (being that you only represent thousands, at most).

you chastise me for being impolite to your office, and then you politely turn around and issue what can only be described as a communication. you do not indicate whether you are speaking for the public record or not, so i will not quote you here. suffice to say this was not a conversation, although you once again invite me to explain what i want.

again? what have i just written? am i still not explaining myself clearly enough?

i replied to your communication twice, both to answer your question, and to draw your attention to the fact that you have answered none of mine. unless i completely misunderstood your words, you asked me to continue the conversation, but then you simply vanished again.

it has been well over two years i have been waiting for this conversation, nicholas, in case you are somehow not aware of that fact, and i have pages and pages and pages of evidence to show that i have done far, far more than should be required of a single citizen, alone, in regard to providing you with all the brief i can supply.

where i come from, sir, it is customary to reply to an email in a conversation with at very least an acknowledgement of receipt, and some indication of when a reply might be expected. to do less, in an error prone half duplex medium like email, is a mistake not many of my peers would wish to make twice.

of course, like you, i have been wrong before, and if i am mistaken to feel so slighted, please be assured of my sincere apologies for calling you to task, like this.

how long, lord, how long?

james knight, pedestrian, wilson creek.


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