metal beetle people take heed


i find that it is almost impossible to drag anybody out of it.

they only get mad, literally cannot see the wood for the trees, because it’s what they were born in, and what they are wired for.

they are, quite simply, no longer human.

how many walk barefoot in the wild?

this is all they need to know, and that is how i came to know, but how many have ever been there?

and how many shudder at the thought?

it’s like trying to explain sex to the circumcised, but unlike the foreskin, your feet will grow back.

you only have to lose the shoes.

most of you will paddle on a beach, but that is about as far as you will go, and how many of you do that more than a few times a year?

place your feet flat on the face of the mother of everything you can ever know in this life, and learn to love her.

if you cannot do this, you cannot be human – you are plastic footed space bugs in metal carapaces who quite literally do not belong on earth. go back to your cities, your urban centers, and stay there – you do not belong here, you have no rights on the earth, and you will damned well take off your shoes, if you want to walk in this temple.

i come in peace.


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