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cancer is cornerstone of evolution


a recent announcement – – explains that cancer cells mutate spontaneously when starved of genetic material, as a survival strategy – accelerated diversity improves the cancer’s chances of developing immunity to therapy.

i submit that cancer itself is exactly that mechanism, deployed automatically by our own genetic code, in a desperate attempt to evolve past whatever circumstances threaten the body – our genes are trying to mutate, spontaneously, in a desperate search for that vanishingly tiny chance of happening upon a survival strategy – a benevolent mutation – that might allow the body to defend itself against the ravages of our modern world.

i further submit that this strategy is doomed to failure – the odds of a successful mutation are infinitesimal, compared to the rate at which we are changing our environment.  as a mechanism of evolution, over many thousands of years, and hundreds of generations, it has every chance of success – over time – and i am willing to bet that cancer will eventually be demonstrated to be the primary driver of all evolution…

however, i am concerned we, as a species, may not survive to make this discovery.

hopefully some creature will.