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muddling the explanation, again


in short my situation is simply that it is coming on spring again, at the end of an entirely unproductive winter, and as is usual for me, at this time of year, am crashing around like the declawed keystone species that i am, still hunting for a break in the fence, a way out…

and from there it gets complicated, not least because i am a new species, sapiens network or whatever – my intelligence and survival are a feature of the internet as a whole, as is the internet itself a function of combined human intelligence, evolving to survive.

and as usual the other side of the picture is material, and this is where i become sheepish, because for all the support i am given, i still feel trapped, and am almost willing to swear that the canadian benefits system is deliberately designed, from the ground up, to keep the “indian” tied down.

and as ever i am ranting, but each time i feel i am closer to explaining why this is a problem for me…

the thing is that i am “indian” because my “circumstances” require that i function alone, whereas everything in civil society is geared toward combining everyone in groups, not least simply because it is most efficient to do so, in pure economic terms.

i think i can make a very clear case for the way this is “enforced” on the bottom rungs of canadian society, simply by pointing to the range of what is considered legal shelter, for people on benefits.

if anyone knows of an option that does not require multiple co-habitation in anything other than very close quarters, i would be delighted to hear from you.

in search of enough space in which to catch enough water and sunlight to survive as a wild human should,

i remain, as ever, most sincerely