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proscan android plt1065g



Curtco International Ltd. (Canada)

315 Attwell Drive
Etobicoke, Ontario
Canada, M9W 5C1
Phone: 1-800-968-9853
Fax: (416) 674-2135

without prejudice


i require root access to my operating system.

according to my analysis this is prevented by the image installed on my device by Curtico Internatitional Ltd and/or an affiliate.

please either

1. supply an uncrippled image suitable for my machine, along with instructions on how to flash this via the tablet itself, or through an OPEN SOURCE operating system, including linux, bsd, or equivalent.

2. supply the necessary patches to restore the existing image on the tablet (build number LMY47V release-keys) to full function, including root, along with instructions as for 2.

3. supply an equivalent or better mechanism by which i may obtain full control of my own device.

you may wish to note carefully that you are not competent (nobody can be) to ensure the complete security of the system you have pre-installed on my device, and therefore that, contrary to the disclaimers your installation procedure tries to force me to accept, you can (and will) be held criminally responsible for any breach that might occur for as long as i am prevented from gaining administrative control of my own device.

i look forward to your prompt assistance, thank you,



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